Company Details

Name: Ventra Broadband
Industry: Internet Service Provider
Company Status: Owned & Operated
Year Launched: 2018
Type: Independent

About Ventra Broadband

What is Ventra Broadband

Ventra Broadband was formed in 2018 to provide internet services for under served communities in Central New York, mainly areas that were largely ignored by other service providers, or areas where only one Internet Service Provider is available. The goal of Ventra Broadband is to provide our customers quality, sustainable and reliable internet access. Without raising rates unnecessary every year, as others are known to do.

Technology at Ventra Broadband

The technology utilized at Ventra Broadband to bring our services to our customers is second to none. We use the best in server hardware, network hardware and routing techniques to ensure the most reliable internet connection possible. Ventra Broadband has partnered with our equipment manufacturer to ensure we keep our prices low, and provide maximum value to our consumers.

How we compare to other providers

There easily is no comparison to how Ventra Broadband compares to other local area Internet service providers. Ventra Broadband will always go above and beyond for our customers.