Company Details

Name: BeyondNerd
Industry: IT Consulting Firm
Company Status: Owned & Operated
Year Launched: 2018
Type: Independent

About BeyondNerd

What is BeyondNerd

BeyondNerd was created to provide home owners and small businesses with a trusted source for IT Consulting. Most companies are willing to do the work, but don’t have the experience to complete the job properly. BeyondNerd has a combined 50+ years in the Information Technology field and provides everyone from home owners and small businesses to enterprise businesses and government agencies with quality, reliable IT repair and consulting.

Technology at BeyondNerd

BeyondNerd works with some of the biggest names in Information Technology and we’ve seen and installed it all. We are a Ubiquiti Networks reseller and installer, as well as TP-Link, Reolink, MikroTik, and NethServer, just to name a few. Before we install or even recommend a product or service for a customer we thoroughly test it so we know first hand what our customers can expect.

How we compare to other providers

Built on honesty and trust, we will always be up front and honest with our customers. We will always tell our customers the truth, no matter what the outcome will be. We pride ourselves on being open and upfront with our clients. Our goal is to provide you the best service, so you can get back to serving your customers.

We believe in being honest with our customers. We will never upsell, or provide you with a solution that does not meet your home or business needs. No surprise upgrades, or unexpected costs. Just reliable IT service when you need it.

Got a better price elsewhere? Call us for a second opinion! We’re so confident in our ability to provide the best for our customers, we’ll gladly double check any competitors analysis of your infrastructure.

No other IT Consulting firm offers all of these conveniences from one company. That’s the BeyondNerd advantage.